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Hawker, Robert Stephen - Behold those winged images, Bound for their evening bowers



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Robert Stephen Hawker was a Church of England vicar, but he was also a mystic and a poet. The following poem rather neatly sums up the idea of the bee representing ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ in effect shamanic figures who are capable of extremely ‘high’ heavenly ascent based on the hum of vibrational energy………..

A description of the experience

Robert Stephen Hawker

Behold those winged images,
Bound for their evening bowers;
They are the nation of the bees,
Born from the breath of flowers.
Strange people they! A mystic race,
In life, in food, in dwelling place.
They first were seen on earth, 'tis said
When the rose breathes in spring;
Men thought her blushing bosom shed
These children of the wing.
But lo! Their hosts went down the wind,
Filled with the thoughts of God's own mind
They built them houses made with hands,
And there alone they dwell;
No man to this day understands
The mystery of their cell.
Your mighty sages cannot see
The deep foundations of the bee.
Low in the violet's breast of blue,
For treasured food they sink;
They know the flowers that hold the dew,
For their small race to drink.
They glide – King Soloman might gaze
With wonder on their awe full ways

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Hawker, Robert Stephen

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