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Unusual cards - 16 The Tower



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I came across this card by chance and I am afraid I do not know which pack it belongs to or who designed it.  My husband who did Greek at school thinks the wording says Pharos - lightbhouse.

Some of the Tarots use the concept of ‘Pride comes before a fall’ to show the 'fall' or descent  that comes about whenever we attempt to rise too high up the soul cone/hill before we are ready. This card can superficially be read to show this.  But it also hides another type of symbolism, which is somewhat unique.

In reality the card is no longer showing a tower, the symbolism has changed and we are now being presented with the hill.  The simple superficial message [and one that is fine] is that if we get too close to the top of the cone and are not spiritually prepared or qualified to be there, we will get blasted!  This is a nice and unusual card that attempts to illustrate this more generic idea.  But it can also indicate a bit more....

The scene is dominated by a beehive-shaped mound, on which stands a tall cone divided into seven stories by horizontal terraces, above each of which there is a round window, lighted from within by a coloured light (from top to bottom: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red).

So we have here the concept of the soul cone and all the levels - elements and planets – the rainbow -  the spiritual top of the tree and the link with bees!

A massive brass gate, which is set into the base of the mound, has been blasted open; through the triangular opening we can see a fiery spark deep in the mountain. So at the base we have a source of energy - a bit like a lake.

From the opening, flow four rivers (dark blue, white, yellow, red - to the south, east, north and west, respectively), which cascade down the hill and merge with the surrounding ocean.

A pathway or ramp winds around the mound before terminating at the top gate – the entrance to the obelisk. From a whirlwind shaped hole in the clouds directly above the tower, a lightning bolt (double-ended, each end comprising four petal-shaped flames around a central flame) strikes a silver, hemispherical shrine/dome, which crowned the obelisk, but now tilts off.

Two figures, a woman in red and a man in blue, plummet head-first from the tower, and drop-shaped bits of burning material, ejected from the shrine, fall around them.

The Lovers fall, and annihilation is achieved.

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