Symbols - What does heaven look like

Rivers and streams

Rivers and streams are spiritual input.  They also represent in their paths the meridians in the body.

They flow along specific meridians from the crown chakra down to the feet when input is received and are cold yin energy.

Perceived in visions and other spiritual experiences they are seen as coming from a source of energy which is upstream [the spring]  and flow to the Ocean and sea

The aim is to then ‘swim’ upriver not down towards the sea, asupriver one reaches symbolically the crown chakra and the Higher spirit.

The symbolism breaks down a little as the further upstream one goes the larger the streams become until at the top – the crown chakra they are a massive river of energy.

At this point one often sees a huge waterfall, which is an indicator you are ‘there’ - figuratively speaking – you have reached the crown.

Rivers and streams are symbolically related to the upturned tree as applied to a person.  The difference is of course is that a tree is ‘static energy’ and is used to cover the flow lines of both input and output,  it is a generic meridian diagram, whereas rivers and streams are only input and are an indicator of energy flow – how much energy is being input.  A really strong current upstream is actually a good thing.


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