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The Egypt dream to us appears symbolic – this is one of the problems of prophecy and dreams and the symbols.  Unless you  know the symbols it is somewhat difficult to differentiate whether it is a prophecy or symbolic dream.  This appears to be a symbol of her ‘purification’.

A description of the experience

In case #123, Hellstrom had a daytime dream in which she hallucinated a bell ringing with no obvious source. When she awakened, she opened her door and discovered a man carrying a large chair up the stairs. He had not rung the bell, as would have been customary.  

An example of a bizarre object occurred in dream report #59, 6 December 1951, when Hellstrom and her husband were in Egypt. The bizarre object was water that was sinking.

‘I dreamed last night that I was walking along a big, very wide river; there were floods, and a woman was lying dead in a pool at the riverside. It looked as if the water was sinking, and so she lay there. ‘

When the November 22 Swedish newspaper arrived in Egypt, Hellstrom read about a disastrous flood in Italy in the Po Valley in which women lost their children and children lost their mothers. This newspaper article was included in Hellstrom’s notebook.

A paranormal biological event occurred in Case #56, a vision that Hellstrom recorded on 29 November 1951. It concerned her son, Bosse, who had been studying for an examination.

‘I saw a picture of a happy Bosse in a student’s cap …..When I saw the vision, Bosse looked down at a girl much smaller than himself and he looked so happy and overly delighted, as nobody can look as he can. ‘

In her notes about the vision, Hellstrom observed that her son wrote his examination papers in the spring of 1952, but failed the verbal section. He scheduled another examination for December 1952, but later postponed it until May 1953. Hellstrom wrote,

“If he manages the verbal part, [he will] make his matriculation and get a student's cap. I believe in success because of my vision.”

In May, Bosse passed the examination with distinction and was overjoyed. He and [another] Eva, the girl much smaller than himself, were married in 1956. Hellstrom noted,

This is one of the few happy visions I have had.

The source of the experience

Hellstrom, Eva

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