Symbols - What does heaven look like


The flood’s principle symbolism derives from that of Water.  Water being the level of vibrational energy nearest to Earth, contains those functions that ‘animate’ the earth level – the physical. Anything which acts at this level is thus symbolically affecting the functions of the universe as a whole, or some part of it.  The change can be extremely small and relate to only one thing – a person or a species, for example, or it may be so great it affects everything.

Thus analogously, the flood represents the change from an old version or configuration  of the software to a new one – where this new version can apply to one piece of hardware or a small group of hardware of the same type  or all the hardware.  It is an increment of evolution.

Water symbolically ‘dissolves’ things; dissolves away unwanted functionality in order to replace it with new function.

‘The flood’ in the Bible as well as in numerous other legends and myths of other cultures is the means by which old functions of the universe are allegorically washed away. 

There may well have been physical change accompanying such a large change, but the symbolism principally involves function and not form.

The Biblical flood was of major change.  It was like the change that swept the dinosaurs away, or moved the world from one geological era to the next in evolutionary terms.

But there can be smaller and less dramatic floods and people [including me!] have had visions that involve smaller floods involving only themselves.

The symbol of the flood is also closely linked with that of the Ark.

The waters of destruction – the flood that destroys old configurations and enables new configurations to take their place comes from the symbolic abyss.


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