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Rimbaud, Arthur - After the idea of the Flood had receded



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Arthur Rimbaud – from Rimbaud Complete [translated by Wyatt Mason]

 After the idea of the Flood had receded.

A rabbit rested within swaying clover and bellflowers, saying his prayers to a rainbow spied through a spider’s web….

Ever since, the Moon has heard jackals whimpering in thyme strewn deserts, and club footed eclogues growling in orchards.  At last, in a violet, blooming stand, Eucharis said; Spring is here.

Rise, waters – Foam; roll over the bridge and through the woods – black veils and organ strains – lightning, thunder – rise and roam.  Waters and sorrows, step forward and reveal the Floods.

For since they relented – what precious stones have sunk – what flowers have bloomed – who cares!  And the Queen, the Witch who sparks her blaze in a bowl of Earth, never tells us what she knows, and what we do not

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Rimbaud, Arthur

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