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Morrells, Luce and the large house surrounded by water



Type of Spiritual Experience


The following is a genuine dream and shows that the subconscious was working overtime at the time representing what was going on in Luce’s mind

A description of the experience

……….Then I might try him on a few dreams because mine are truly amazing and totally incomprehensible at the moment  -  I seem to have had a lot about water recently ...........

The first dream was simply of a single large detached house surrounded by water - masses of it rising around the house which I am in.  My partner is in the house, but I tell him I have to go outside and the current is very strong.  I am taken off my feet and whisked away by the current from the house.  I have Wellington boots on and I take them off and use them as floats [I suspect this is logic coming in not anything symbolic], but eventually it was just me and the sea and this gentle waved motion – a flat calm apart from the up and down motion of the waves.  Then I woke up.

....Another water dream.  This time a river with lots of people gently floating past on it.  Very beautiful with banks covered in trees and flowers.  Warm, sunny not at all frightening, but incomprehensible as all these people float by and they keep on asking me to jump in and float along with them downstream, but they won’t tell me where it goes to and I say no because I’m too frightened to go.  Then a person?  Anyway something shows me a separate little brook and a pool and in the pool are loads and loads of pairs of snakes in the water.  They are very pretty not frightening but sort of coupled together, curling round one another and gently turning round and round.  Then the dream ended and I woke up

The source of the experience

Morrells, Luce

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