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Double snake


Double snakes take on the symbolism of the snake, but have a specific meaning.

During a kundalini experience, the energy generated by this experience is said to rise up the central shushumna nadi, but there is also involvement from the two other channels/nadis – ida and pingala.

In this case the energy winds round the spine in a double helix and this is usually represented as a double snake coiled in on itself. 

This has led to a large number of symbolic images not the least of which is the caduceus – the traditional symbol for the healer  - a symbol now adopted by the medical profession.


The Oswald Wirth tarot card on the right  for the Wheel of Fortune shows two snakes coiled caduceus like at the bottom with the central ‘spine’ going up to the wheel of fortune.  We can view the wheel of fortune in this context as a symbol of the ups and downs that take place on the spiritual path .  For those not on the path, it still has relevance as the Wheel of Fortune shows life’s ups and downs  - the passage of time and the changes that take place.


Thus the kundalini experience – the double snakes  - affect the spiritual path and the person’s ability to ‘transcend’ [shown by the wings] to higher planes. 

The snakes are also indicative of the creation and destruction that takes place  - the regenerative effect on the person. 

The implication is that the person also goes from being a ‘moon person’ [at the bottom] – that is a person who is subject to the cycles of reincarnation to a ‘sun’ person – a person who does not come back – but merges with the sound.



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