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Krishna, Gopi - Hatha yoga



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Gopi Krishna  - Kundalini the Evolutionary energy in man

Hatha in Sanskrit is a compound of two words, ha and tha, meaning the sun and the moon, and consequently the name Hatha Yoga is intended to indicate that form of yoga which results from the confluence of these two orbs.

Briefly stated, the moon and the sun as used here meant to designate the two nerve currents flowing on the left and right sides of the spinal cord through the two nadis or nerves, named the Ida and Pingala.

The former, being cool, is said to resemble the pale lustre of the moon; the latter being hot, is likened to the radiance of the sun.

All systems of yoga are based on the supposition that living bodies owe their existence to the agency of an extremely subtle immaterial substance, pervading the universe and designated as Prana, which is the cause of all organic phenomenon, controlling the organisms by means of the nervous system and the brain, manifesting itself as the vital energy. 

The Prana in modern terminology ‘vital energy’, assumes different functions in the body and circulates in the system in two separate streams, one with fervid and the other with frigid effect, clearly perceptible to yogis in the awakened condition.  From my own experience I can also hesitatingly affirm that there are certainly two main types of vital currents in the body, which have a cooling or heating effect on the system.

Because of  its extremely subtle nature, vital energy has been likened to breath by the ancient authorities on yoga

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Krishna, Gopi

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