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Symbols - What does heaven look like


See Creation and Destruction to understand this section.  It may also help to understand the role of the Abyss.

The Serpent is a symbol of spiritual/software creation and destruction.  In effect, one of the principle symbols used to represent energy being recycled  is the serpent.  Here is a useful quote

A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot
If all symbols are really functions and signs of things imbued with energy, then the serpent or snake is, by analogy, symbolic of energy itself – of force pure and simple;  hence its ambivalence and multivalences. 

Thus the serpent is symbolic of the creation and destruction of Energy, but perhaps more specifically ordered energy  - software/spirit.  See System and Spirit
The 'cosmic serpent'  is a symbol found in Amazonia, Mexico, Australia, Sumer, Egypt, Persia, India, the Pacific, Crete, Greece, Scandinavia, India, North America, South America and so on.    The symbolism seems to be almost universal …..

Joseph Campbell – The masked god; Primitive Oriental and Occidental Mythology
Throughout the material in the Primitive, Oriental and Occidental volumes of this work; myths and rites of the serpent frequently appear and in a remarkably consistent symbolic sense.  Wherever nature is revered as self moving and so inherently divine, the serpent is revered as symbolic of divine life


In numerous cultures, the symbol used to represent the endless cycle of ordered energy recycling via construction and destruction is the Ouroboros.  The Ouroboros is one of the enduring symbols of  the recycling of energy – the dissolution of ordered energy which is then used to feed the creation process – the creation of ordered energy.  The symbol shows a serpent which is consuming its own tail. 

In some myths and legends, the concept of the serpent is used as a symbol of just destruction, for example, the serpents nibble at the tree of life – they destroy life, souls and so on.
Dissolution and creation can take place at every level of creation, the vision of a serpent may refer to

  • copies of the software of  your functions,
  • copies of the software of  a group of souls
  • copies of the software of a species
  • copies of the software of the planet
  • copies of the software pf the entire universe!

Here the word copy is important.  Generally speaking much of the creation and destruction that goes on is to the copies of the software – the implemented part of the Trinity  - not the Creator and Created themselves. 
This is why we see serpents associated with Water in so many legends and myths

Patterns in Comparative Religion – Mircea Eliade
Serpent genies did not dwell only in the seas and oceans but also in lakes, pools, wells and springs.  The worship of serpents and serpent genies in India and elsewhere, in whatever setting we find it, always preserves its magico-religious bond with water.  Serpents and serpent genies are always found close to water, or in charge of it….

Earth’ when it is dissolved symbolically becomes a higher vibrational level - Water

And conversely if we wish to create ‘Earth’ we need ‘Water’ – symbolically of course.

The bigger the serpent, the greater is the power of the serpent to create and destroy.  In other words, the size of the serpent provides an indication of what level of creation and destruction is being described.

EAST COKER - (No. 2 of 'Four Quartets')  - T.S. Eliot
In my beginning is my end.


Satan is Saturn - the planet. Because Saturn is so close to the abyss [see Map of the Egg] it is often associated with the serpent - the ouroboros - the area where energy is recycled.

If you look at the astrological meaning of Saturn it stands for the Intellect, Reasoning and Memory.  Thus the supposedly 'evil' nature of the serpent in all Biblical sties and texts is the association of the serpent with the Intellect and 'cleverness' - the egotistical, the big I am.  In effect,  when man became physical, the last thing that would help him was to take on solely the attributes of Saturn as he 'fell'.  And the reason is that the Intellect blocks spiritual experience.

Thus Eve, by choosing the apples of knowledge [as opposed to wisdom] and taking the advice of Saturn [the serpent]  with his cleverness and Intellect, she succeeded in stopping spiritual experience - Adam and Eve 'fell' - became physical and lost their connection with the spiritual world.


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