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Krishna, Gopi - the kundalini experience No 3



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After the event, he suffers badly and the energy starts to do unpleasant things, partly because he has no one to help him and no knowledge of what to do next.  And then he gets relief ..............


A description of the experience

Gopi Krishna  - Kundalini the Evolutionary energy in man

I thought desperately, and as if by divine dispensation the idea flashed across my brain to make a last minute attempt to rouse ‘ida’ or the lunar nerve on the left side, to activity, thus neutralising the dreadful burning effect of the devouring fire within.

With my mind reeling and senses deadened with pain, but with all the will power left at my command, I brought my attention to bear on the left side of the seat of kundalini and tried to force an imaginary cold current upward through the middle of the spinal cord.  In that extraordinary extended agonised and exhausted state of consciousness, I distinctly felt the location of the nerve and strained hard mentally to divert its flow into the central channel.  Then, as if waiting for the destined moment, a miracle happened.

There was a sound like a nerve thread snapping and instantaneously a silvery streak passed zigzag through the spinal cord, exactly like the movement of a white serpent in rapid flight, pouring an effulgent, cascading shower of brilliant vital energy into my brain, filling my head with a blissful lustre in place of the flame that had been tormenting me for the last three hours. 

Completely taken by surprise at this sudden transformation of the fiery current, darting across the entire network of my nerves only a moment before, and overjoyed at the cessation of pain, I remained absolutely quiet and motionless for some time, tasting the bliss of relief with a mind flooded with emotion, unable to believe I was really free of the horror.  Tortured and exhausted almost to the point of collapse by the agony I had suffered during the terrible interval.  I immediately fell asleep, bathed in light and for the first time after weeks of anguish felt the sweet embrace of restful sleep.

The source of the experience

Krishna, Gopi

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