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Sexual stimulation

Category: Actions



Introduction and description

Sexual stimulation is an extension of stimulation via trigger points.  It thus uses exactly the same trigger points as its main focus, but additional ones are used which are 'connected' to the reproductive systems of both the man and the woman.

The activity, when practised in the past, could be achieved by a man and woman, a man and multiple women, a woman and multiple men, a man and a man, and a woman and a woman, multiple women, or multiple men.

A lone man or woman using the trigger points of the reproductive system without help is using Peaking which is described elsewhere. 

There are four main stages of this activity:

1.  Build-up of energy - The energy is built up by a process of stimulation of sexual trigger points, but where there must be no orgasm


Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung – Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming
In order to generate plenty of Chi to nourish and activate the brain, you must learn how to conserve your chi, to increase its production and also how to interact the Yin – water and Yang – Fire chi in the Huang Ting cavity [Real Dan Tien]. 
In Taoist Chi Kung the Huang Ting is considered the place where the elixir embryo can be generated.  Normally, if it is done correctly…… it will take 100 days of storing chi and 10 months of increasing the chi level to the necessary height before you are able to lead the chi to the head.

2.  Release of energy - at a certain point when the initiate is ready, the energy is channelled up the spine in a controlled kundalini experience.  The result may be Ecstasy.  This 'opens' the crown chakra and symbolically the stage is referred to as being one in which a 'spiritual baby' is born.

3.  Growing the baby - Subsequent stages involve work which then converts this 'baby', [shown in most symbolic references as a cherub or little Eros], to a full grown 'child' 


Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung – Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming
You then have to ‘grow the holy baby’ by gradually activating this area more and more and this stage is called ‘3 years of nursing’.

4.  Final stage release - the latter steps are geared to achieving the last stages of the spiritual path:  Moksha and nirvana and the ultimate Annihilation.  If you achieve this you have become a 'god'!  Not many people have done this and you won't know if they have because they will not say.   
If you wish to go on to attempt full enlightenment, this is called in Shii Soei Ching ‘Facing the Wall’ (jeou Nian Miann Bih) which requires at least 9 more years – usually more! 


These techniques are a fundamental and key part of all the Mysteries.  Although a series of more terrifying methods were used in the early stages of the spiritual path to test an Initiate, leading to Rebirth, the latter stages were not only geared more to the acquisition of wisdom, but also to achievement of experience via love - of various sorts.  Whilst the early stages may have employed overload methods, the latter stages all involved suppression based methods.  Historically this activity forms a part of a number of systems [not all of which have as their objective enlightenment] including those of

When used as part of the Mysteries, the rites were accompanied by a great deal of Ritual and Ceremony, which was extremely important in the process and can add a great deal to the techniques even today. 


Pre-cursor techniques and activities

The following activities can all be practised and used long before you actually decide to start the process leading to the kundalini experience and are all useful means of getting you in the right state. 

  • Being naked in the sun - which helps to calcify the pineal gland leading to higher sexual energy
  • Sexy eating - ditto
  • Exercising and keeping fit - sexual stimulation requires you to be supple and have good stamina, as such exercise helps in this respect
  • Healing yourself - it is not a good idea attempting sexual stimulation if you are unwell, as such it is worthwhile using the processes for healing yourself to get fit again
  • Orgasm control - this should be practised on a regular basis as a stand-alone technique capable of helping you preserve energy
  • Qigong IEN - swallowing - this is geared towards helping you learn how to manipulate your own trigger points
  • Making love - which teaches you the basics
  • Sex magick - which is the next step on from Making love in the progression that leads to this activity

Step one - Coitus without fertilisation

At least nine to ten months before you plan to have the experience, you must move towards  continual infertile coitus. There thus has to be a period of sexual stimulation without any sperm being produced or received.  The following methods can be used to generate energy

Ejaculation prevention methods

These methods can be used both during the stimulation process, but also when practising as precursor techniques.  They may also be used during Making love and Sex Magick  

Side effects - the false pregnancy

One of the side effects of this may be a False Pregnancy.  In animals false pregnancies are produced when a female is bred by an infertile male.   So we have to mimic this situation.  In effect, spiritual energy starts to accumulate in various organs corresponding to the DanTiens in TCM.

 Note:  It was no accident that the harem contained eunuchs.  They were not there just to relieve sexual tension without producing babies, they were there to induce spiritual experience in the women.  A spiritually enlightened wife was a great asset as she could prophesy, heal, and often acquired considerable intuitive power and wisdom, she could also levitate which was handy in times of war and going on holiday [no I’m joking, sorry]

Step two - the confinement

In women, there has to be an effect on the corpus luteum.  The corpus luteum is the remains of an ovulated ovarian follicle.  If an animal [including us] does not become pregnant, it is generally degraded, but it appears that if one uses sexual stimulation without ejaculation thus with no sperm , the corpus luteum persists but in the absence of pregnancy may cause pseudo pregnancy.  The Corpus luteum secretes a small  amount of oestrogen and oestrogen can affect the nipples, produce varicose veins, increase vaginal secretions and affect ligaments and joints. 

In women, the corpus luteum also produces progesterone.  In a man progesterone is produced by the testes thus ‘excessive’ stimulation of the testes [which is what you need to do] will produce progesterone.  Progesterone can cause

  • relaxed stomach muscles  - hence the bulge
  • constipation
  • acid reflux
  • body temperature increases
  • mood changes
  • breathing changes
  • weight gain – fat around the stomach area

If false pregnancy occurs it can take about as long as a real pregnancy to fulfil its course from 9 to 10 months.

Again, to perhaps make this clearer, you can have sex if you are the man or the woman, but there should be no sperm.

During this time you must be very careful about the food you eat – plain, reduced salt intake, lots of fish, raw vegetables, fresh fruit.  NO ALCOHOL and a minimum of stimulants such as coffee or tea - Dietary moderation.

You should take no drugs [unless you have to because you are on needed medication].

Step three - purification

During this time of abstinence and waiting, purification takes place.  Energy gets readjusted, chakras get cleaned out.
Our Higher spirit does the purification, we just have to accept the process and go with the process.  If you chicken out you lose the chance to be a ‘god’ or a ‘goddess’ however unpleasant the process [and it is very unpleasant – hot flushes, pain, strange flutterings and shaking].
So don’t mess with the process and don’t interfere. Psoriasis is one extremely unpleasant side effect of this process.
The process mostly takes place at night, which is something of a blessing, but still means you wake up frequently feeling awful, covered in sweat, shaking and feeling as though you could cook an egg on your body.

I found a really useful summary of Side-effects of this stage, which I have placed in the science section - follow the link.

If I summarise so far but add a little more detail.  Sexual stimulation which involves coitus without orgasm and thus ‘infertile’ coitus, results in the maintenance of the corpus luteum in women.  As a side effect of this women may exhibit signs of pregnancy.  The sexual stimulation if continual in both the men and women – particularly in men if it is of the testes, - produces a gradual build-up of oxytocin.  Again, the build-up may be continuous over several months.

At a certain point, however, the oxytocin levels are so high that the stimulation causes an explosion of energy and neurotransmitters up the spine, which if properly directed hits the brain  with such force that it causes an intense spiritual experience – the channels are open – a ‘god’ or ‘goddess’ is born, a prophet is made.

The kundalini energy has risen.  Ascension has occurred.  So we can now get on to the event itself

Step four - knowing when you are 'due'

One theoretical way to start the kundalini process going when we are ‘ripe’ is via stimulation of the nipples.  But how do you know you are ‘ripe’?

 It would seem, that the Higher spirit decides when we are ready and ‘labour’ can begin just as it might in an ordinary pregnancy.

False labour is marked by contractions just as it might be in normal labour - rhythmic tightening of the muscles of the uterus. Labor contractions last about 30-45 seconds and are painful even when there is no baby. Labour often starts as just tightening of the uterus, or menstrual like cramps. They gradually get closer together and stronger. When the contractions are 3-5 minutes apart and strong enough to take the breath away active 'labour' has begun. 

The final ‘labour’ with cramps, shooting pains up the spine, and contractions is every bit as painful and intense as real labour.  Except there is no ‘baby’. Men who go through this may also suffer from  ‘labor pains’ and very tellingly nosebleeds.  Nosebleeds are one side effect of profound spiritual experiences. 

In men there appears to be some benefit in adopting a fetal position during this process, as it both helps any stimulation that others may be giving you to ease the process and relieves the pain of the kundalini energy.

In women, there is clearly no pain associated with the birth of a baby through the vagina, but the energy shooting up the spine and the contractions of the uterus are painful.

One of the intriguing aspects of the human body’s response to pain is that it releases, after a time, endorphins.   Endorphins are present before, during, and immediately after real childbirth and it would appear, they can be released during false labour.  Endorphins can induce feelings of pleasure and euphoria  - they are an opiate, so we are in a sense giving ourselves a dose of naturally produced opium.

Breath control, meditation and using total relaxation techniques also help.  Any of the techniques on this website that help with total relaxation would be of assistance.

In ancient times there were  a host of people to help and massage and stimulation were often used to help the energy move up the spine to where it should be.

Step five - Basic steps to help the process

Once you realise the process has started, then the following very basic steps are needed

  • Go to toilet – Go to the toilet before you start so your bowels and bladder are empty, then although the stomach and intestines are ready for work, there will be nothing to work on.
  • NO DISTURBANCES - Absolute requisites. Ensure without question that you will not be disturbed in any way, either by direct physical intervention, a phone ringing, or other interrupting noises. All disturbances are threats.
  • No time limits - Do not set a time limit or a deadline. These become threats and prevent anything happening.  Time limits are a threat.
  • Temperature - Make sure you are warm and the room is warm but not hot.  If it is too hot it becomes a threat, if it is too cold it also becomes a threat.  The best way to judge if you have got it right is to see whether you haven’t noticed it.
  • Clothing - You must be wearing extremely loose soft clothing or no clothing.
  • Jewellery - Remove all jewellery or metal objects close to or touching your skin. No watches. 

Step six - Releasing the energy

All these techniques are designed to get the blood flowing and the nerve endings sensitised

The trigger points used in Stimulation of trigger points can all be used in this activity, but there are a number of additional very key trigger points that are used.  The Perineum is particularly key, but the anus also has an important role to play. 

Energy sharing methods

Qigong energy sharing

Step seven - Energy movement methods

All energy from a kundalini experience travels up the spine and should reach the crown of the head.  The energy starts at the base point of the spine, which is a trigger point.  The sacrum thus has a major role to play in the process.  The following describe both some of the implements that have been used as well as the approach itself: 

Although I have no observations that indicate that osteopathic techniques were ever used for this stage, some of the methods employed are remarkably similar and may be worth checking out, notably the methods of craniosacral therapy. The CV4 technique and the still point induction methods are of especial note.

How it works

I don't know, but it does.  Oxytocin appears to be the key chemical, but that is all we know so far.

References and further reading

see also [sorry I'm joking]


In the olden days, when they talked about the 'gods' they meant it, and this is how they became gods.

It is also probably why religions, determined to exert control over their wayward congregation, employed repression and numerous sexual taboos; after all, what theologian can compete with a 'god'.

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