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Arifi of Herat - The Ball and the Polo Stick - In his locks he had a thousand hidden curls



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The olfactory hallucinations is a rather jarring entry I know for what is a beautiful passage, but the link is needed and the reason is the use of 'musk' and 'perfume' in the text.


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The Ball and the Polo Stick – Book of Ecstasy by Arifi of Herat

In his locks he had a thousand hidden curls, in every curl he had a thousand lives
The beauties of China lost their lives because of him, gazelles of Khutan were the dogs of his house,
His face from the dust of its dark down showed a Chinese mirror in rust
The musk bag was a knot of his ringlets China was seduced by his brow
The moon came his humble slave a gleaner of the harvest of his beauty
Whenever he sat on his steed he twisted his locks into a noose…
In the folds of his garment he held a thousand lives his hair hung down to his waist…
In his locks which had fallen to the ground in every twist there was a thousand plaits

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Herat, Arifi of

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