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Euripides - The Bacchae and the fates



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The Villa of Mysteries in Pompei gives little indication of what is actually happening to an initiate other than to show them looking totally dazed and somewhat shell shocked. 

But other villas in Pompei are more graphic in their depiction. These are photos I took showing the symbolic kundalini snake. 

The fresco to the left depicts Dionysos as a boy with his father Zeus.  Superficially it appears to depict a naked boy being attacked by snakes, but this is literal, we need to look at the symbolism.  This is Dionysos with kundalini energy rising up his legs

A description of the experience

The Bacchae – Euripides V [translated by William Arrowsmith]

And when the weaving Fates fulfilled the time, the bull horned god was born of Zeus.  In joy he crowned his son, set serpents on his head where from, in piety, descends to us the Maenad’s writhing crown,  her chevelure of snakes.


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Dionysos [and the Dionysian Mysteries]

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