Symbols - What does heaven look like

Twin horns

A horn can be a symbolic representation of the Cone.

                  'Parsifal' by Jean Delville (1890)

Thus the twin horns may be a symbolic representation of the two horns of the Creator and Created within the Trinity

BUT, the horns can also be tunnels and thus by extension these are also the two paths to the figurative Sun and Moon, thus horns are also the twin tunnels.

This is why many of the Egyptian ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ wore horn shaped headdresses, it symbolically means they were in touch with the Creator and Created.  It is also why any horned animal is especially revered in ancient cultures, they too are symbolically in touch with both the Creator and Created.

In one of the saddest literal interpretations of this symbolism, the rhino was especially revered in this context because its horns were perceived to be more symbolic of the actuality of the two tunnels – see rhinoceros.


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