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Sex magick

Category: Actions



Introduction and description

I had great difficulty deciding whether Sex magick was an overload technique or a suppression technique until I eventually realised, just as I did with the activity of Making love, that only when carried to excess so that it becomes OBSESSION and LUST, is it an overload activity. 

Sex magick is a process whereby a couple who are deeply in love aim to achieve Unity with their Higher spirit via human love.  Thus the objective is ecstasy via Making love and love.  In effect, they achieve Divine Love via human love.

The difference between Sex magick and Sexual stimulation is that Sex magick can involve orgasm – orgasm is ‘permitted’ , whereas in Sexual stimulation, it is not permitted [for reasons I have explained in the description of the technique].

Symbolically the Conscious is ‘male’ and the Subconscious ‘female’.  It is the male principle  that prevents spiritual experience, thus the objective in all spiritual experience is to tame the male aspects – subdue or subjugate them in order to release the female principle.  It is only via the female principle that union can be achieved.  Thus via Unity of male and female principles we reach the Higher spirit and the Higher spirit is symbolically portrayed as a baby so that you can imagine that the act of love is producing a fledgling Higher spirit in you, which will grow over the years.

Sculpture on the Temples of Khajuraho, India

The activity therefore involves each part of the couple taking a ‘role’.  In effect I have used the word couple deliberately, because this technique is not confined to heterosexual couples, if the couples are deeply in love they can be same sex, they just have to take a specific role during the love making.  I will use the terms man and woman from now on meaning the roles of man and woman.

It is worth adding perhaps that Aleister Crowley tried both heterosexual and homosexual love making in order to ascertain the effectiveness of each and found that homosexual love making – because he was not actually homosexual – was extremely effective because it was so crushing to his ego, he no longer took the role of the dominant partner and had to ‘submit’.

The man in the partnership has to visualise the woman as his subconscious female principle and the one he seeks union with.  The woman has to imagine the man as being the dominant conscious male principle in her and the one she must bring to the partnership.  Note that although it is extremely easy for a woman to achieve spiritual experience by ignoring any masculine aspect in her psyche, this does not produce the right balance to obtain a spiritual baby!  For a spiritual baby to be produced both masculine and feminine principles have to be present in both people and in balance.

This activity thus involves a certain amount of visualisation and it involves a great deal of ‘letting go’ – subjugation of the ego as well as release of emotion.  You have to love with all your heart and soul.  You have to give free reign to the emotion you feel – love must well out of every pore of your body, every nook and cranny for this to work!

Please note that Sex Magick is not, ABSOLUTELY NOT another name for sex with no love  - in effect, sex for pleasure and not the purpose of spiritual growth.


Few people realise I suspect how prevalent this technique once was before the ‘isms’ took over – Fascism, Communism, Mohammedenism, Catholicism,  Protestantism, even Buddhism I am afraid.  You cannot make war and gain power if you have a lot of deliriously happy people who spend all their time making love. 

The only way you can create a power base is to deny them sex and love. 

Take them away from their families via the use of armies and work and the sex drive in a man has to go somewhere and it tends to go in the direction of aggression. 

All the ‘isms’ then channelled the aggression and put it to use in using the men, as Gerald Heard once said, as 'cannon fodder'.  Every ‘Holy War’ or ‘Unholy war’ we have known was driven by repressed sexuality.

But the technique has been kept alive and if not kicking waving its legs a bit in the air, by groups such as the Magicians, the Troubadors, the Sufis, the Rosicruceans, the Knights Templar, the Geisha, the Kabbalists, the Alchemists, the Ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Celts, partakers in the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Roman Mysteries and the Dionysian Mysteries; and the shamanistic cultures – Kahuna, Native American Indian, Australian Aborigine, Siberian shamanism, African tribal and so on, ‘religions’ such as Wicca and their Wiccan Great Rite; and all the ‘martial artists’ – for example Ninjutsu and Ninpo and Qigong.  The one great proponent of these techniques, is of course Hindu and yoga and here the activity has never been repressed. 

I have provided quite a detailed section on HeQi, describing its history and its practises in the common steps section.  HeQi is the Taoist equivalent of Sex magick and Sexual stimulation

There are also some notable individuals in the UK and USA, who attempted to break taboos and to whom we owe a great deal – Aleister Crowley, Gerald HeardAlice Bunker Stockham, Paschal Beverly Randolph and Maria de Naglowski, as well as numerous writers, artists and poets who kept the spirit alive in their writing using admittedly concealed references – Goethe and Shakespeare being two very notable examples.

But the techniques have all been coded – this technique and that of Sexual stimulation have been cloaked in allegory and symbolic terms so that we have ‘pipe smoking’,  ‘sacred pipes’, ‘tea ceremonies’ with ‘teapots’ and ‘teacups’,  ‘music making’, with ‘playing the pipes’.  I hope you get the idea.  I am still unsure whether Orpheus achieved his abilities via music or sex - perhaps he used both!

A quote which I hope you will find helpful:

“A study of ‘occult practises’ reveals a great many aspects which in the modern world are now "non-secrets," which throughout the Christian era would probably have had to be kept secret by necessity, for fear of condemnation, persecution and possible imprisonment and execution.
In the 20th and 21st century the mass of esoteric titles and volumes on the occult are now encyclopaedic, and we have passed through the age where the revealing of the secrets of sex magick would be accompanied by certain persecution and possible execution; unfortunately the Islamic world is the remaining culture where this would still in many regions be a natural consequence, but not so in much of the rest of the world, particularly in the First World where there has been a sexual revolution in recent history.
Sex magick has, since Crowley's era, and the modern Tantric revival since the 60's long been considered the "ultimate" form of magick in esoteric circles. It is not a secret however, but it is an ultimate "taboo" for those who cling to the slave morality of the world's religions; most of the "taboo" barriers to cross appear to have a sexual nature.
As human beings we are all fascinated and often "obsessed" with the art of love and human eroticism, and that is entirely as it should be; it is the established religions which promote the sins of the restriction and which hold humanity in a state of fear and guilt regarding humankind's true nature.
Probably the two great taboos to be crossed in attaining "sexual enlightenment" are 1: the rejection of exclusive monogamy, and 2: the rejection of exclusive heterosexuality. In order to cross the boundary of the old world where humankind have been held like slaves in the grip of fear and guilt by restrictive religion and by tyranny, these are the two great chasms to cross in freeing the human soul, and in the creation of the "new man" and "new woman" who are the creatures of the New Aeon.

My own personal view is that we need to keep sex and marriage separate.  A marriage should be a partnership of friends, who may or may not be lovers, with the aim of raising children or achieving some other goals in life,  and the aim of achieving more by the partnership – because they bring complementary skills to the union – than they could have achieved alone.  It should be a legal union because it carries with it certain financial and social obligations – the raising of children being the most important.

The ideal would be that your marriage partner was also your lover, but life does not always work out this well.  Who we are capable of working with and being friends with as our Conscious self does not always represent the one our Subconscious hankers after.  This has always created huge tensions in marriages and society at large. 

The French have always tolerated a society in which men were married but openly had lovers, the Italians have also followed similar principles.  Perhaps they are right.


The steps are very simple but important.

The first degree

Sculpture on the Temples of Khajuraho, India

Sometimes called alpha chastity this is the first step in the process.  It does not involve long periods of sexual chastity, but is aimed at restricting thoughts about sex between having sex.  The objective is to ‘conserve sexual energy’.

You have to try not to fantasise, not to think about sex, not to imagine sex between the occasions when you do have sex.  The reason is simple and logical.  All imagination, all fantasising, all visualising has to be reserved for when you meet, thus you can think loving thoughts about the person, you can send them poems, letters, emails, texts, you can phone them to tell them how much you love them, but you must not say or imagine what you might do when you meet.

Those who practise magic state that if you fantasise too much you are apt to let off the head of steam you develop and you ‘stultify the imagination'.  If we use an analogy, if you stuff yourself with tiny bits of chocolate the whole time, then when it comes time to be given the best box in the store, you are sick of chocolate.

Clearly in our western world laden with erotic imagery, avoiding this is difficult, but you need to try to avoid all ‘erotic imagery’. 

You must not be ‘titillated physically, mentally or emotionally’

Once you think you have got the hang of how to do this you move onto the next step but the first degree must always precede the next - the second degree.  This is most important.  This is a progression of techniques which build on one another.

let it not be forgotten that the practise of alphaism is a must for one’s remaining sexual life if continuing with the other two degrees and we assume that if a person once begins these degrees, he stops only because of old age or capacity”

The second degree

Sculpture on the Temples of Khajuraho, India

Once alphaism has been mastered you need to start to treat every occasion when you make love as an act of Sex Magick.

“Let it be understood that Sex magick places the sexual act upon a high, idealistic plane”

The objective is to make love, but with spiritual intent.  This means you prolong love making as long as possible – hours and hours if possible WITHOUT ORGASM. 

You do not ‘lust for result’ [orgasm] but truly make love exploring your partner’s face and body, their hands and feet, treat them as though they are Divine. 

You are making love to them in order to discover the other principle in you.  Thus for a woman, she is searching for what is the essential male principle; for the man what is the essence of the feminine. 

You are not using them, you are adoring them, learning from them, understanding what it means to be the ‘opposite’ of what you are physically.  So the opposite is true, because you are worshipping them and who and what they are. 

You have to learn to be extremely sensitive and keen eyed to make this effective.  What makes them happy, what makes them sad, what brings them joy and bliss. This, in effect, is what your other principle – the one that is hidden  - also enjoys.

Through this process a man learns what the female principle is, the woman learns what the male principle is.  By doing this they then learn about themselves – the bit that is perhaps the less dominant or even entirely inactive part of their soul.  And they learn to bring that part of them more into play.  They learn balance.

After having made love for as long as possible – and gradually you extend the time of love making as you get used to the idea of withholding orgasm, - you can have an orgasm.  In fact, there is an odd effect in that after 6 hours of making love, you become so high that orgasm seems almost unnecessary, but this said, it is not prohibited, it is encouraged, because the objective is to work gradually towards higher degrees of love making.  This applies to both people.

If you feel at the end of the 6 hours that you can’t walk and you are almost incapable of reasoning you are doing the right thing.

The third degree

Sculpture on the Temples of Khajuraho, India

I laughed at the naming of this, [not my naming incidentally, it is the name given by those who do this] giving someone the third degree takes on a whole new meaning.

This last stage involves using extensive visualisation to imagine that your partner is not who they are but your Higher spirit [it can be their Higher spirit if you wish, initially, but it is better that it is yours].

You have to visualise them as an angel, a god, a sort of wonderful spiritual messenger and helper.  Again you are not using them or taking advantage of them, you are raising them to the divine.

You should have completed step one which means your body is positively quivering with longing for them and all that longing will be devoted to them. 

You should have followed step two but you should not have proceeded to orgasm.

Now you move onto this step mid-way through the proceedings, gradually shifting your attention so that you start thinking of them as this godlike being.  During this period both partners must refrain from orgasm.  All energy must be devoted to love.  Then after several hours [6 is good - 20 is better - no sorry, I'm joking]  – if you wish – you may both have an orgasm, but you may find again that it is almost unnecessary. 

If you feel any way inhibited or unable to do this with full abandon you have the wrong partner – not I hasten to add the wrong marriage partner, but the wrong sexual partner.  At the end of this you should feel

  • That your ego is entirely squashed – that all you feel is total devotion to the other person, who is now a god to you.
  • That you are filled with a sense or inordinate peace, bliss, wholly relaxed and at rest.  Physically you may find it difficult to walk your muscles are so limp.  But you may also find you desperately need a wee.
  • That you are almost incapable of reasoning or remembering anything [this doesn’t last, but it is not a good idea to attempt anything too taxing for a few hours].  Occasionally one has difficulty remembering one’s own name.
  • That you feel absolutely full of love of a quite unique character – this is divine love if you have done it right, your Higher spirit is sending you divine love in return for your human love.  If you feel this very special feeling – the spirit baby has been born and will grow as you do this more.

The Ritual

Both at the beginning and the end of love making you must include some element of ritual.  This is a most important step – one whose purpose is described in the section Enacting ritual and ceremony, what you do is up to you, but many who practise this set up little altars and make offerings of flowers, or recite poetry to each other and listen to music which has some meaning to them.  The ultimate ritual I believe to be The Japanese tea ceremony.

But others exists, Crowley had his ‘Gnostic Mass’ and I have found an example on the Internet Lust Seid, which can be used both before and after the three steps.  But here is a nice simple one which can be used for both the man and the woman with modifications.

Sculpture on the Temples of Khajuraho, India

The next stage

You can continue to practise sex magic for as long as you like, it is a rather idyllic pastime and leads to high levels of spiritual awareness and moments of utter bliss, but the next stage is to move onto sexual stimulation – and sexual stimulation is high degrees of sexual stimulation with no orgasm at all with the intention of promoting a kundalini experience.

Thus if you like, you can treat Sex Magick as a sort of learning experience on the way to the final goal of sexual stimulation.

How it works


For a clickable view of the Model with its definitions  see The Model of spiritual experience

For a general generic description of how spiritual experience works see 'How to get to heaven'.

The way it works is almost identical to the way Making love works.

All the senses are stimulated, every single one, and what they cry out in unison is JOY, JOY, JOY, BLISS, BLISS, BLISS, give me more PLEASURE, PLEASURE and sometimes PAIN, PAIN because after a while the senses can no longer tell which is which.  If you do not get this, then you are with the wrong person.

Furthermore, you remember nothing of the past, your memory recall function is almost totally deactivated, so there is no chattering Memory and no chattering Reason. All you remember is now and perhaps the past few hours, it is all a sea of indescribable pleasure.

The one predominant and overwhelming Emotion is LOVE and the intensity of Emotion blots everything else out – absolutely everything –  Reason, logic, Desires and objectives, Obligations and Opportunities.  Nothing is left except the vast sea of LOVE LOVE LOVE. You long to be one with the person you are with, it is the ultimate desire for union.

And the Will is overwhelmed. It can do nothing against such an onslaught, it has nothing in its armoury to help – no learnt function can match this barrage of joy and the Will doesn’t want to – why should it? The messages may be of a strange kind of 'Threat', but this is not a threat it really needs to do anything about, so it just gives in.

And the Composer takes over.  Although I haven't shown this on the diagram above, the ego is eventually totally suppressed if this is done correctly as are all objectives, thus eventually these too become 'blue' boxes.

It might be worth adding that way back in the 1970s Goldstein and Stoltzfus measured, using an EEG, the activity of the various parts of the brain under certain forms of stimulus – from drugs to sexual stimulus.  They found that when two people make love, there is physically an automatic left [logical, reasoning, rationality] to right [intuitive, emotional, creative]  brain hemisphere switch at the peak of sexual ecstasy. This happens in both males and females.




  • Complete - It would not be possible I suspect to find such a complete technique
  • Effects are wonderful - In general making love for any prolonged time produces ‘euphoria’.  
  • It can improve creativity and intuition as well as empathy towards people
  • It is pleasurable and harms no one;  
  • It works;  
  • It is legal
  • It is free, it is natural and uses or own body chemicals.
  • It has a number of proven health benefits.  See Making love


All of the disadvantages of this activity are related to overdose.  Thus one has to exercise great care in not using this activity to excess.

  • On a long term basis, if you overdose it can heighten emotion permanently and reduce reasoning power also permanently. 
  • Overdosing is equivalent to addiction– love making releases Endorphins and dopamine.  Endorphins and dopamine are addictive
    Thus there is the real danger that you will become an addict and always be wanting another ‘hit’.  If you have really made love to a point of over-dose levels, you are not dissimilar to an opium addict - see Making love.
  • Forced or sudden withdrawal can be unbearable -  see Making love
  • The effects don’t last long - Once we have had an orgasm the body releases a chemical called prolactin.  Endorphin is the ‘upper’, prolactin is the ‘downer’ – see Making love.
  • Can create obsession, jealousy and lust as opposed to love - see Making love.
  • You are very vulnerablesee Making love.
  • Love making of this type is a rare thing.  see Making love.
  • There are not that many people able to do it.  see Making love.

References and further reading

I partly used the Manual of Sex Magick by Louis T Culling as one of my  sources, as the techniques are well described in this book and perhaps a little less coded than in Aleister Crowley’s books.  Crowley’s techniques are no different to Culling’s.

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