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Socrates - Axiochus 366 - The soul and Higher spirit



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Socrates soul = Mortal soul [soul] and immortal soul [higher spirit]

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Axiochus 366 a [attributed to Plato]

Socrates: Away then with all such nonsense! Keep this in mind; once the compound is dissolved and the soul has been settled in its proper place, the body which remains, being earthly and irrational is not the human person.

For each of us is soul, an immortal living being locked up in a mortal prison and Nature has fashioned this tent for suffering – its pleasures are superficial, fleeting, and mixed with many pains, but its pains are undiluted, long lasting and without any share of pleasure. And while the soul is forced to share with the sense organs their diseases and inflammations and the other internal ills of the body …. It longs for its native heavenly spirit, nay, thirsts after it, striving upwards in hopes of feasting and dancing there. Thus being released from life is a transition from something bad to something good

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