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Cagliostro, Count Alessandro di



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From Inigo Swann – to Kiss the Earth Goodbye

 His prophecies apparently occurred as a result of the Masonic convent that met to deal with problems concerned with the Masons' existence….Approaching the situation through one Antoine Court de

Gebelin, a meeting was arranged at which a sort of inquisition of Cagliostro was to be held under the guise of trying to learn more about the mysteries he represented.

The date of this meeting is given as May 10th 1785, but this is probably incorrect since Antoine Court de Gebelin appears to have died in 1784.

During the course of this "conference," presided over by Court de Gebelin. Cagliostro sought to impress his select audience with his knowledge and capabilities, using demonstrations of numerology and astrology to predict the fate of the French government.

Cagliostro's methods in numerology and astrology have perplexed many subsequent occultists and researchers.  As is usual, it has always been surmised that, if one could but master the method, one would obtain the ability. Not so, and not likely. Perhaps in some cases methodology of one sort or another spurs the "psychic" on to grand heights, but the innate flexible vision residing in the man himself probably constitutes the ability much more than does the mere manipulation of letters and planets.

In any case the result of Cagliostro's attempt to impress the gathered Freemasons is almost without parallel in the field of prophecy.

After demonstrating some particulars concerning historical France, Cagliostro went on to indicate that the present king, Louis XVI would fall down from the ruined throne of his ancestors and die on the scaffold toward the thirty-ninth year of his life, placing his death during 1793; further, Louis XVI would be condemned to lose his head for being guilty of war; and the fall of the dynastic rank would be accompanied by conflict of material forces, overwhelming catastrophes, and crumbling powers.

Having touched directly upon the topic of the times, Cagliostro undoubtedly acquired the serious attention of his listeners, who, it is reported, were now completely under his spell. Departing momentarily from utilizing numerology to guide him, he advised that the crowds of people who had No tomorrow would suddenly seize tomorrow in their hands.  In barely a moment the nation with so much wealth and so many splendours, laying claims to the eternal, would crumble into nothing. This drama would be accompanied by people maddened. Famine would incite mobs to theft and pillage, and murder would become the national occupation. All this was to be the predictable result that follows regicide.

Cagliostro then turned his vision toward the fate of the queen, indicating that Marie Antoinette would follow the king, that she, - born so high and wealthy - would be cast down into poverty, into anguish. She would become wrinkled before her time; she would starve and be imprisoned; finally she, too, would be beheaded.

The gathered gentlemen were astonished. Court de Gebelin, himself quite stunned, inquired of Cagliostro if his fatidic vision had yet been narrated to the Princess de Lamballe, the queen’s friend and the grand mistress of the Temple of Isis.

No, Cagliostro said, he had not informed the princess, because he would then have to tell her she herself would be murdered in half darkness at the corner of the Rue des Ballets, after she had been freed from imprisonment.

At this point Cagliostro was recalled to himself and possibly felt he had talked too much, which indeed he had.

Court de Gebelin, however, was hot on the trail of the coming debacle and urged Cagliostro to persist, at least to reveal the date of the beginning of the horrid times ahead.  Cagliostro indicated that this date appeared to be 1789.  Of the two sons of Louis XVI, the first would die prematurely of a rachitic spinal affection; the second would die imprisoned, a captive.

Cagliostro then concluded that, after the royal catastrophe, an elected Corsican would end the travail.  Further, upon a question from one Jacques Cazotte, ….. as to the name of this Corsican predestined to the throne of the deposed Bourbons, Cagliostro indicated that Napoleon Bonaparte would be his name and that after his election to the throne of victory he would himself meet with an unfortunate destiny.

The prophecies now can be seen to be complete as to the requirements of prophecy; names, dates, future activities all very well laid out, and referring only to the France at the time.


…The French Revolution began as scheduled on July 14th 1789, when revolting Parisians stormed and destroyed the Bastille. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette tried to flee their crumbling empire but were captured, tried, and eventually executed, the king on January 21, 1793, the queen, grown old before her time, a few months later after having been treated with utmost brutality.

Louis XVII, the royal second son, who succeeded as heir after the death of the first, was held in prison and cruelly treated. He is said to have died about 1795.  Princess de Lamballe was arrested with the royal family and subsequently imprisoned. She was set free after her father-in-law paid large sums of money to an attorney of the Paris Commune for her release.

A man named Trunchon was charged with escorting her home, but at the corner of the Rue des Ballets a man named Grison struck her down and three companions cut her into pieces.  Her head, cut off by one of the three men, a wigmaker, was exhibited for a while on the streets and eventually thrown into a rubbish heap 

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Cagliostro, Count Alessandro di

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