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Dionysos - Villa of Mysteries Pompei - Flailing



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Read any description of this scene and it will say, the poor little initiate is undergoing a good whipping. 


It is hugely important that any energy generated by the kundalini experience is encouraged to travel up the spine and past the neck into the third eye area [and beyond]. Gentle stimulation of the back using a soft brush or flail aids the process.  Notice that the initiate is only partially naked and  is robed in purple – the colour of divinity.  It is her back that is exposed.

She is actually being held very tenderly by the clothed woman doing the ‘beating’ – the stimulation -  although it is clear that the experience is taking its toll as the initiate looks extremely hot – a common side effect.

Given that the energy has reached her neck, the process is nearly complete and the occasion is being marked by cymbals.  The thyrsus is evident  as a celebratory insignia. 


The cymbals are only small meaning that they are not there to provide a befuddling effect but have the same effect as bells [see the generic description of bells and gongs]

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