Common steps and sub-activities

Neck stimulation

There is a difference between the neck press and neck stimulation.  The neck press simply presses on the nerves at the base of the skull, with neck stimulation the aim is to specifically target trigger points and stimuate specific ones.  The veins in the skull can be seen in the diagram to the left.  The key trigger points are shown to the right.  As you can see anything which encourages or promotes a better flow of blood in this area is going to help take away the blood from the brain and lower blood pressure. 

Along with the blood are all the waste products that have accumulated in the brain and which have been swilling around the Cerebrospinal fluid.  Thus when you stimulate these key points at the base of the skull and get the blood flowing better, it results in removal of ‘waste’ products – toxins, funguses, viruses, bacteria, harmful chemicals – anything that has seeped into the CSF from our nervous system.



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