Common steps and sub-activities

Qigong - Sending the energy up the marrow - Liann Chi Huah Shen

After the many many months that you have built up the reserves of energy, the last stage is to “convert the Chi built up in the Huang Ting and lead it up the Thrusting vessel to the head”. 

Two methods are suggested by the older texts – one uses the HUIYIN CO-1, the other involves YINJIAO CO-7 (see lower back).


The first method uses the HUIYON CO-1 point which is the energy point to the Thrusting vessel and provides access to the Huang Ting.  There may also be use to a lesser extent of CO-7 which links in to the Huang Ting reserves directly and the Thrusting vessel.  This is mentioned less in the texts because the point is on the back and if you are alone and a Buddhist monk, there is no way you could have accessed it.  But if you are a Taoist with help, you might find the helper can use this point and CO-1 at the same time.

In this somewhat obscure song about the training, the Magic Gate is the HUIYIN -  also called the Tricky gate.  The golden stamp is the middle finger that needs to press the HUIYIN in just the right way.

The chi from the Governor and Conception, Thrusting, Kidney and Girdle vessels and channels all come together here – hence the 5 chis.

The Yellow river is one of the largest rivers in China, so the implication is that the flow is very high and is ‘gold’;  if you know how to use finger pressure on this point you can reverse the chi flow and send it up the spine.  The Fire path is the chi in the Conception and Governor vessels, the water path leads from the Conception vessel to the Thrusting vessel and thence on to the brain.  Kuen Luen is one of the highest mountains in China so you get very high – close to the gods!  Way up in heaven figuratively speaking.



So the start of this description simply reiterates the fact you have to press very hard on the perineum.  But the second part describes the action on CO-7, because whilst one hand holds the finger on the perineum, the other rubs CO-7 – and according to the description this takes 81 rubs.  The rubbing was intended to be a gentle rubbing - a soft massage not a friction burn!  I suspect these days it may take longer to get results.

The recommended position for this is the ‘embryo posture’ which is shown below.  The reason for this should be self evident as if you have a helper they can easily reach both the perineum CO-1 and the back spot CO-7.

Softly softly catchee monkey


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