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Crowley, Aleister - Book of Lies - The Wound of Amfortas



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The following is inspired by homosexual sex magick.  I could find very little detail of how Crowley used this technique, and the practical details, which is a shame because he rated it one of the most effective – for him anyway.

Much of the reason Crowley said no more at the time was because he could have been prosecuted and jailed. 

In the following rather sad little extract, you need to realise that Amfortas is a character in Parsifal and in the legend Klingsor grabs the Spear and stabs Amfortas: this wound causes Amfortas both suffering and shame, and will never heal on its own.

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Aleister Crowley – Book of Lies

The Self-mastery of Percivale became the Self-masturbatory of the Bourgeois.

Vir-tus has become "virtue".

The qualities which have made a man, a race, a city, a caste, must be thrown off; death is the penalty of failure. As it is written: In the hour of success sacrifice that which is dearest to thee unto the Infernal Gods!

The Englishman lives upon the excrement of his forefathers.

All moral codes are worthless in themselves; yet in every new code there is hope. Provided always that the code is not changed because it is too hard, but because it is fulfilled.

The dead dog floats with the stream; in puritan France the best women are harlots; in vicious England the best women are virgins.

If only the Archbishop of Canterbury were to go naked in the streets and beg his bread!

The new Christ, like the old, is the friend of publicans and sinners; because his nature is ascetic.

O if everyman did No Matter What, provided that it is the one thing that he will not and cannot do!

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Crowley, Aleister

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