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Alain Danielou – Gods of Love and Ecstasy: The traditions of Shiva and Dionysus

The aim of the whole Yoga technique is to awaken the female principle, the snake goddess, or Shakti, coiled "in spiral form” (Kundalini) within "the basic centre" - the Muladhara - at the base of the spine. It should be noted that in the human being, the goddess is considered an energetic principle residing in the basic centre, not in the female organ, and has nothing to do either with fertility or procreation.

The Muladhara corresponds to the principle of earth, the sphere of the olfactory sense, which is the most material of the five elements.

The alimentary and excretory functions are the starting point for the manifestation of life in its most rudimentary forms. This point is the basis for all activities and higher levels of accomplishment. The snake-goddess lives in the Earth and is mother of all living beings.  The goddess is thus associated with the most fundamental bodily functions, as opposed to the illusory digressions of the brain.

…. It is by utilizing our entire body and by taking as a starting point its most fundamental functions that we are able-to understand our own nature and can thus begin to seek an understanding of more evolved aspects in order to reach the point of intelligence. Beyond intelligence is the divine and deep reality of things, which is incomprehensible by means of logical thought. This is the essential teaching of Tantric doctrine.

….. With its spiral, the Kundalini or coiled-up energy surrounds the procreative principle, which is represented as the phallus of Shiva, a self-born (svayambhu) Linga........

In the Yoga of the Right Hand, development of sexual power is also essential, but in this case it is mainly used to awaken the coiled energy and to make it rise through the various centres up to the brain, while avoiding any ejaculation. "The spilt bindu (here meaning sperm) brings death; retained bindu brings life." (Hatha Yoga Pradipika,lll, 85,90.)


Shiva Samhita, chap. 5, 75-76.

Between the anus and the virile organ is the basic centre, or Muladhara, which is like a matrix or yoni (female organ). It opens towards the west (behind). There lies the 'root' in bulb-form and it is there that the fundamental energy or Kundalini is found, coiled around itself three-and -a-hall times. Like a snake, it surrounds the starting point of the three main arteries, holding its tail in its mouth just in front of the central artery opening (sushumna.)

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