Symbols - What does heaven look like


A symbol that represents the Type of Spiritual experience known as the kundalini experience, and the state that can be reached from such an experience – the Ecstatic state.  The symbol is associated with all forms of healing ability, as at one time shamans, via the kundalini experience, often gained healing powers.  If you turn to the observations you will find that even today kundalini experiences can lead to a person acquiring healing powers.  Asclepius the god of medicine and healing in the Greek pantheon used a snake entwined staff as his symbol and it from this that the caduceus is derived.

It shows the spiralling of energy and the resulting merge with the Higher spirit.  Rather intriguingly, the symbol is also used by UK Royal Air Force as a collar badge for nursing staff, from Doctors and Princess Mary's RAF Nurses down to basic "medics" (Nursing Attendants). their badge also incorporates the idea of the crown



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