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Stockham, Alice Bunker - Karezza - Masculine and feminine principles and the need for balance



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Karezza – Ethics of Marriage 1903 second edition – Dr Alice B Stockham

The soul also has the power of choice, and the ability to fashion character. Every soul has a dual nature, the masculine and feminine; intellect characterizing the male, intuition and affection the female.

These are existent to some degree in every human being. Grindon says: "All that belongs to thought, understanding or mind, is ‘masculine’; all that belongs to will, intuition, affection of heart, is  ‘feminine’."

When one acts immediately from the intellectual principle, manliness is foremost, when from the will principle, womanliness. The most consistent, perfect personality is one in which both the male and the female principles are harmoniously developed.

Since sex is of the soul, is it not possible that as spiritual unity develops, thought may be procreated? That would mean a procreation on the spiritual plane of ideas and theories to be practically developed for the good of the world.

The physical relation may or may not be of value for this higher procreation. It has been proven that in the Karezza relation the creative principle becomes active in both husband and wife. While the spiritual senses are thus attuned to the finest perception in soul vibration, ideas of great moment are conceived.

 It is within the power of men and women, interested in the operation of spiritual law, further to demonstrate the validity of the theory.

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Stockham, Alice Bunker

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