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Masculine and feminine

One symbolic meaning for the Masculine and feminine when paired is the Conscious and Subconscious.  It may be helpful to have The Model of the Mind for reference whilst you read these definitions.

There are yet more alternatives to these names described in the section on the Conscious and Subconscious synonyms, which shows all the other symbols and names.

The same symbolism with the same meaning is also found in the section on the Brain and its Left brain and right brain functions

But additional symbolic meaning may also be attached specifically to the symbols of masculine and feminine. 

Energy is recycled as part of the ongoing process of Creation and Destruction

  • Spirit input - In order that our Functions work we are powered by incoming energy.  The input we receive from the spiritual world is classified as ‘feminine’.
  • Spirit output - In turn we produce Perceptions which are themselves a form of energy [programmed energy].  The output which is sent back to the spiritual world is ‘masculine’.

Both are important obviously and there is thus implied a sort of recycling of energy that takes place.

The Yin Yang symbol shows this flow of spiritual energy – input and output. 

The Yang symbol is the 'masculine active principle' - active only in the sense that it is we who send all this energy back  - output it - with our thoughts and perceptions.

The Yin symbol shows the 'feminine passive principle' – and again passive only in the sense that this time we receive it passively.


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