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Redon, Odilon - the Boat series



Type of Spiritual Experience


Having perceived himself to be on some kind of spiritual journey, Redon the started to pain numerous boat pictures.

All  his boats have sails and they are none rudderless, which is a positive sign.

The pictures are universally beautiful and peaceful, he paints no stormy seas or great waves, it is as if the journey he finds himself on spiritually gives him a great sense of rest - inspired as it is by love.  All the pictures have two in the boat - a male and female, which can be symbolically interpreted - his masculine and feminine side have found one another, and literally he has found his soul mate in his wife.  The two are not at odds with one another, as it is usually through love of this sort that men find their feminine side.  The paintings are

  • Flower clouds 1903
  • Boat with two figures  1902
  • Red boat with blue sails 1907


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Redon, Odilon

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