Invisible input - bliss and peace

Invisible input - bliss and peace

Vladimir Kush

Bliss is a type of invisible input.

It should not be confused with the sense of relaxation induced when the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, or the wave of pleasure one gets from a kick of dopamine or even endorphins, this is a wave of peace, utter peace, a sense that all things were meant to be, that all things will be alright in the end, that where you are who you are and what you are here for are ‘right’.

Occasionally this is meant as a Reward.

Like most spiritual experiences it is somewhat indescribable because it has no normal equivalent.  It can accompany divine love. But odd though it may sound, just occasionally it can accompany grief.   The nearest one can come to describing the feeling is to use the words of Julian of Norwich….


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