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A past life experience of Salem



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Seeing auras is achieved by being able to view spiritual energy overlaid on normal perceptions, as such it is a form of hallucination, with no negative connotations attached

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Dr Yvonne Kason – Farther Shores

Denise, a forty year old nurse, told me about her experiences ……

I have had frequent psychic visions for as long as I can remember. As a young child I remember seeing energy patterns and colours around people. For many years I thought everyone saw those colours. It was only when I was around six or seven that I realized that other people couldn't see them. Now I know that I was seeing people's auras; this ability is still with me.

As a child, I found it sort of confusing when I knew what people were feeling or was aware of something about their past that they didn't know I knew. Sometimes I would look at somebody, for instance an aunt, and I would see images in my mind of things that had happened to her. When I talked about these images my parents became very upset with me and would tell me to keep my mouth shut about my wild ideas.

Eventually, I learned that I should not talk about the information I received about other people's lives.

Once I grew up, I managed to cope fairly well with my psychic experiences. As I matured I found I developed even more psychic abilities. I became very spiritually focused, and I started having mystical visions and episodes of bliss that were related to prayer and meditation.  By this time I felt I'd managed to integrate my psychic abilities into my life.

However, when I was about thirty, I suddenly started recalling some of my past lives. The first time it occurred was when I was on holiday in Massachusetts. One day my husband and I went to visit the town of Salem. While there I suddenly, had a clear recollection of living here with my brother-and I knew that my brother in that life was my husband in this one.

As the memory unfolded, I saw myself being arrested unjustly and being put on trial as a witch. My brother had left on a long trip the week before I was arrested and he wasn’t there to help me. I felt abandoned and was extremely angry with him. Still, I was very fortunate, for I was eventually released from prison, and I escaped the horrible fate that so many other woman met there

At first, having this past-life memory was over-whelming and confusing.  But over time I learned to use the information I gathered from the past-life experience to help me understand the complicated relationship I had with my husband in this life. I had a great deal of unresolved anger towards him, and I did not trust him.

Seeing the connection I had had with him in a past life and realizing that some of the negative emotions I had might have come from there helped me understand my marriage and allowed me to work spiritually and psychologically on letting the emotions go. I have also come to believe absolutely that karma and reincarnation are very real..

Still, to this day, I keep my psychic abilities hidden from most people. I use my psychic perceptions to help me in nursing patients with emotional difficulties, and in counselling friends about personal problems. I have developed a reputation of being a gifted nurse. Very few  people know what my secret method is!

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