Spiritual concepts


It may be helpful to refer to the Model of the Mind whilst reading this definition

Reincarnation is the belief that the Higher spirit passes from physically existent form - what we term 'life'  - into purely spiritual form - what we call death - over many cycles.  In effect we do not just have one 'life' and go to 'heaven', we cycle round and round in a sort of wheel of existence - life, death, life, death, life, death and so on. 

The Higher spirit and Perceptions survive death, the rest of the Soul - Emotions, Memory, Will , Reasoning function and all the functions needed to be physically existent are removed on death. 

The Perceptions however are a log of everything we have done and thus experienced in physically existent form.  This is not 'learning' in the sense often implied by many commentators, the Perceptions log is a storehouse of acquired experiences [not just spiritual obviously] which can be used unconsciously in its raw form - in effect built into new Memory by the Learning function for any subsequent physical life.

Thus we 'live' a life [a Soul in the physical world] and build Perceptions as we work on our Destiny for that life and its Challenge.  For this we are given a Personality suited to that Destiny.  We then die with our Perceptions and become purely spirit - a Higher spirit with its Perceptions.  We may then be given a new Challenge, a new Destiny  and a new Personality for a subsequent existence, but these may be governed by the Perceptions we have built up - the storehouse of wisdom which we can call on unconsciously to help us.

Karma is thus more correctly defined as the sum total of our Perceptions to date and there is no such thing in reality as 'bad karma' or 'good karma' it is just karma.  It may well be that if our Perceptions are none too helpful in the scheme of things [the Great Work] , that we are given a life to help to restore the balance, but occasionally so called 'bad karma' - apparently destructive actions can be the right ones in the overall scheme of things.  Empires can only rise on empires fallen. 


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