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Stevenson, Dr Ian - Child with three buffalo and two cows



Type of Spiritual Experience


There are two ways in which this could be interpreted.  Either we view it as a ‘past life’ of the child in which case this is perception recall. 

The alternative is that somehow the child has gained access to perceptions that are not its own –  a form of inter composer communication.  In the first instance it provides some small proof of reincarnation if the second applies it does not. 

There is a third option.  That somehow a bridge has been formed [perhaps at the hospital] between the child and dead person, for example, a blood transfusion.

A description of the experience

Tom Schröder – Old Souls [documenting the case histories of Dr Ian Stevenson]

[Dr Stevenson said] When the subjects are young children, they say 'I have a wife' or 'I am a doctor' or 'I have three buffalo and two cows'.  ….......

Daniel told Latifeh 'You aren't my mother, my mother is a sheikha'.  I had a case in Thailand of a man who, as a child, remembered having lived the life the life of his mother's brother.  He said that he has a clear memory from his infancy in this life; when he was on his back, he felt he was an adult man and had all the memories of a previous life.  But every so often meddlesome adults would turn him over and he was then nothing but a small baby helpless in the cradle.  Like a tortoise he would struggle to get himself flipped over on his back again.

The source of the experience

Stevenson, Dr Ian

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