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Whitton, Dr Joel - Case history Heather Whiteholme 07



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Life between Life – Dr Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher

Like most voyages in meta-consciousness, this journey beyond the third dimension encompassed the full range of human emotions experienced at unforgettable levels of intensity.

'I almost screamed at the idea of rejoining my mother, '.Heather said later. This ordeal brought on an acute attack of bronchial pneumonia that lasted several weeks. Once the illness ebbed away, she felt clearer, calmer and more optimistic, and her bronchial and pneumonic problems have never reappeared. The account in her diary for December 4, 1980, gives an almost audible sigh of relief:

For the first time in a long time, I am actually starting to feel a little hope in this life. I feel that if I can ride out the storm, things will improve a little as I grow older. Already my life is slowly changing for the better, and I am starting to realize that people can like me. I even feel I might have a little artistic success if I can fight it through.

Over the next three years Dr Whitton helped Heather 'fight it through' by enabling her to come to terms with the negative influence that had wrecked her childhood and crippled her adult life. By means of systematic orthodox therapy without the aid of hypnosis she came to realize at the deepest level of her being that she is worthy of affection and respect. She was able to accept that her feelings of insecurity stemmed not from inherent inadequacy but, rather, from karmic demands that dealt the emotional punishment of her early years.

Gradually Heather grew less insecure and became less susceptible to the reactions of others. As her confidence grew, so did her ability to express herself. She felt more inclined to listen to others, whether or not their opinions were agreeable.

Her husband, Philip, summed up the 'new' Heather when he said, 'She used to be terrified of her own shadow - not any more!'

This rejuvenation of the psyche - which attracted lots of friends - left Heather feeling liberated enough to channel renewed energy into photography as well as jewellery design. Her first gallery show was mounted soon after the final therapeutic session in 1983, and her skills are continuing to attract the interest of art dealers as well as private collectors.

In more ways than one, Heather Whiteholme is breathing much easier these days. Restored to a state of health and working capacity once only dreamed about, she pauses often to reflect on her past-life personalities, Isobel in particular. Heather now realizes that she has been thwarted in the expression of her abilities because Isobel dissipated rewards that were her birth-right.

With Dr Whitton's help, this frustration has been eliminated, enabling her to rebuild her life and renew her creative output. Back in 1979, a diary entry noted gloomily, 'I feel as though I am wandering aimlessly through life without any meaning or purpose.' Metaconsciousness and past-life exploration changed all that. Now she's aware, daily, of attempting to resolve aspects -of her personality that, having pushed Isobel to destructtion, provide Heather with her very reason to be'

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Whitton, Dr Joel

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