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Egyptian Book of the Dead - Spell 083



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The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead – translated by R O Faulkner
Spell 83

I have flown up like the primeval ones,
I have become Khepri
I have grown as a plant,
I have clad myself as a tortoise,
I am the essence of every god,
I am the seventh of those seven uraei who came into being in the West,
Horus who makes brightness with his person,
that god who was against Seth,
Thoth who was among you in that Judgement of Him who presides over Letopolis
together with the souls of Heliopolis,
the flood which was between them.
I have come on the day when I appear in glory
with the strides of the gods,
for I am Khons who subdued the lords.
As for him that knows this pure spell,
it means going out into the day after death and being transformed at will,
being in the suite of Wennefer,
being content with the food of Osiris,
having invocation offerings,
seeing the sun;
it means being hale in earth with Re and being vindicated with Osiris,
and nothing evil shall have power over him.
A matter a million times true.

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Egyptian Book of the Dead

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