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Woolger, Dr Roger - Other lives, Past Selves – The Death of a Peasant



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Other lives, past selves [A Jungian Psychotherapist discovers Past Lives] – Dr Roger Woolger

Here, then, is how this piece of active imagination might turn out as a past life memory guided by a therapist

(TH). The client (CL) is lying down with his eyes closed:

TH: What are you doing?

CL: I'm walking through the woods.

TH: How are you dressed?

CL: Seems to be ragged clothes, a leather belt and pouch, a floppy hat, sort of medieval.

TH: What kind of physique?

CL: I'm thick-set, coarse, muscular. A peasant, about thirty.

TH: What happens in the woods?

CL: There are three soldiers coming out of the trees. Their swords are drawn,

TH: What are they doing to you?

CL: They're cutting my throat. Oh, I'm choking on my blood (coughs). I'm dying (convulses). I'm gone (body relaxes).

TH: What are you aware of now?

CL: I'm floating above my body. There’s blood all over it. I'm quite detached now. It's all over. I'm leaving.

TH: Where do you go?

CL: I'm in a peaceful place above the earth. There are these beings with me. Very warm and comforting,

TH: Are they human?

CL: No not at all. They seem to be helpers. We communicate Without talking. I don’t seem  to have a body now.

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