Perception recall

Perception recall

Vladimir Kush

An experience in which you go through events of this life and possibly past lives and ‘relive them’.  It uses your perceptions. Thus perception recall is perfect access to your perceptions – the reliving of past events.

It can be used to see what is preventing you from merging with your higher spirit

The perceptions may be presented to you as perfect recall flashbacks or they may be presented by the composer as an allegory or story to save you from the trauma of the real event.  The objective is to relearn and adjust your memory so that your beliefs better match the reality of the situation. 

The objective is not to forget, but to relearn and adapt memory.


The snapshots in the log are being created all the time in a regular manner – the flicker rate of the eye determines at what rate images are recorded in the same way that the shutter speed of a movie camera determines how often the images are taken in a movie film.  Every observer is contributing to his or her log.

But in dreams and visions the replay rate can often be different to the recording rate.  People can see things going by really quickly or the whole process seems to slow down to the point where it seems almost slow motion.

In a dream or vision there is no reason for the replay of images to be at the same rate as the rate it was recorded.  This is why dreams and visions can be so different to our recall of memory of actual life.  All is determined by the replay rate.

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