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Ludlow, Fitz Hugh - Reliving his life



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The Hasheesh Eater – Fitz Hugh Ludlow

And now, in the midst of the darkness, there suddenly stood a wheel like that of a lottery, surrounded by one luminous spot, which illustrated all its movements.  It began slowly to revolve; its rapidity grew frightful, and out of its opening flew symbols which indicated to him, in regular succession, every minutest act of his past life; from his first unfilial disobedience in childhood – the refusal upon a certain day, as far back as infancy, to go to school when it was enjoined upon him, up to the latest deed of impropriety he had committed – all his existence flew before him like lightning in those burning emblems.  Things utterly forgotten – things at the time of their first presence considered trivial – acts as small as the cutting of a willow wand, all fled by his sense in arrow flight; yet he remembered them as real incidents and recognised their order in his existence.

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Ludlow, Fitz Hugh

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