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Graham Tidman and Hole House



Type of Spiritual Experience


No proof, but this is indicative of a past life experience.

A description of the experience

Mysteries - Colin Wilson

In May 1964, BBC television in Bristol arranged to come to Branscombe to film Tom Lethbridge; he was to give a demonstration of dowsing.

At eleven in the morning, Lethbridge heard a car arrive and went down to meet it. A young man, who proved to be the cameraman, climbed out, looking a little dazed. Something in his manner as he stared at the house made Tom ask: 'You aren't going to tell me you've been here before?' And the cameraman, whose name was Graham Tidman, admitted that he had-at least, in a dream.

'Are there any other buildings behind the house?'

Lethbridge admitted there were and took him to see. They came to a place where there had been a garden wall, which Tom had knocked down and rebuilt.

'lt used not to be like that,' said the young man. 'There used to be buildings against the wall.'

There had been pigsties and cowsheds there, but not in Tom's time. They walked into the courtyard, in which Tom had conducted his first experiments in finding silver coins; with a bewildered expression, the young man admitted that it was all as he had seen it in his dream.

When they came into the herb garden, he remarked:

'There were buildings here. They were pulling them down and someone said: "Now we will be able to see the sea. "

Again, it was true-but many years before; now a row of trees in the distance made the sea practically invisible.

Graham Tidman had never been to Hole House or anywhere near it; he had no friends or relatives in the area. Yet on five occasions he had dreamed of the house-not as it was in 1964, but as it was shown on a set of plans that Tom had found attached to the deeds. The plans were dated 1896. Graham Tidman had dreamed of the house as it was before he was born.

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Ordinary person

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