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Masters and Houston - Perception recall as an aid to purification



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The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience – Dr Robert Masters and Dr Jean Houston

 [Effects of LSD]

Possibly several hours into his session, and usually after he has spent some time in the sensory realm with its altered perceptions, the subject will pass onto a stage of his experience in which the content is predominantly introspective and especially recollective-analytic.  Personal problems, particularly problem relationships and life goals are examined.  Significant past experiences are recalled and may be revivified -  lived through -  with much accompanying emotion.  A more characteristically psychedelic ideation appears as materials not normally accessible to consciousness surge up and determine the thought content and patterns.  The materials are sifted, analysed and ordered and the unfolding self knowledge may be accompanied by eidetic memory images and images tending to illustrate and clarify the ideational materials.  With such a wealth of helpful phenomena at his disposal, the subject may now be in a position to clearly recognise and formulate many of the problems confronting him and may 'see what needs to be done' as he has 'never seen it before'

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