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Revue Spirite of 1866, pages 175  - Allan Kardec

As quoted by Gabriel Delanne - Materials for use in the Study of Reincarnation

This is the mind of a very esteemed doctor, Dr. Cailleu; he tells, through the medium Morin, that although he had been out of the disorder for quite some time, he found himself one day in a state similar to a kind of lucid sleep.

He said: when my mind went numb, I was somehow magnetized by the fluid of my spiritual friends; this was to result in a moral satisfaction that, they say, is my reward and, moreover, an encouragement to walk in the path that my mind has followed for many lives already.

So I was asleep from a spiritual-magnetic sleep; I saw the past formed into a fictional present; I recognized individualities that disappeared later in time, or rather that had been only one individual. I have seen one being start a medical work, another, later, continue the work left sketched first, and so on.
I have come to see, in less time than I spend telling you, from age to age, forming, growing and becoming a science what, in principle, was only the first attempt by a busy brain to study for the relief of suffering humanity. I saw all this, and when I arrived at the last of those beings who had successively added a complement to the work, then I recognized myself. There everything vanishes and I turn back to your poor doctor's late mind again.



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Delanne, Gabriel

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