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Stevenson, Dr Ian - Past life as hit and run victim



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There are two ways in which this could be interpreted.  Either we view it as a ‘past life’ of the child in which case this is perception recall.  The alternative is that somehow the child has gained access to perceptions that are not its own – this is then a form of inter composer communication.  In the first instance it provides some small proof of reincarnation, if the second applies it does not. 

Another example from India, the memory the little girl Preeti acquires is that of Sheila killed in a hit and run car accident....


A description of the experience

Tom Schröder – Old Souls [documenting the case histories of Dr Ian Stevenson]

As soon as Preeti could speak clearly..... she said to her brother and sister, 'This is your house, not my house.  These are your parents not mine'.  She told her sister 'You only have one brother, I have four' and said that her name was not Preeti, but Sheila and gave names for her 'real' father and mother.  She pleaded to be taken to her 'home', a town called Loa-Majra, which was some ten to twelve miles away.

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Stevenson, Dr Ian

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