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Christos - Windows of the Mind - Becoming a bird



Type of Spiritual Experience


The observer is not Glaskin himself but another subject, but in order for you to be able to see the background to the experience, the source link goes to Glaskin.

The visualisation occurred at the beginning of the exercise, the following is what happened next 

If the following is of a genuine past life it is truly intriguing………………. otherwise it may be an out of body and either a 'possession' or shape shifting.

A description of the experience

The Christos experience – Windows of the Mind – G M Glaskin

She was descending, very slowly and ‘gracefully’, till she was just above the surface, over which she was moving at a steady yet leisurely, almost a luxurious pace. But there was still nothing but sea. Above, the clouds had thinned further into 'little white fluffy clouds you see on a summer day, with the sun shining through brightly'. Apart from this, there was practically no change in her surroundings

Was it all calm?

‘Very calm’

And she was quite happy?

‘Very happy - there is something very calm and peaceful about the sea’ …………

After another long pause, I then ventured with ‘Say you are coming down gently - can you see your own feet?’

A very long pause and then, almost interrupted by me again, 'I think it’s a bird’, pause again, and then ‘You know how a bird comes down to land?’ Yes, I said. ‘Then I’m coming down a bit like that.'

Her voice was almost inaudible now, even awed. She appeared perfectly calm and contented. There was even a look of awed serenity on her face. Her eyelids were flickering rapidly and, beneath them, her eyes could be seen quite clearly moving from side to side and up and down. These movements were all very rapid indeed, so much so that I was surprised that they didn’t distract her so much that her eyes would suddenly fly open and the experiment or experience would be over.

As she was coming down towards the surface, could she see her feet at all?

'Not my feet.'

Afterwards, she said she felt her legs were tucked up into her, well behind in her body, but she had thought this too absurd, or fantastic, to tell at the time.

If she looked around her, to either side, could she see her shoulder or any part of her at all?

'Not of me’.

'Not of you?


Could she see anything of herself at all?

'No, not really, but I imagine I must be a bird or something. Yes, a bird. …………..

'What do you think you would do if you wanted something to eat, or to drink?'

After a thoughtful pause, 'Well, as I'm a bird, I suppose I would get fish. But I don't know what I'd drink''

Another pause, and then, 'But it can't be very warm, because I'm cold.'

'You are cold?'

'Yes. Even though the sun's shining', she said, 'and I can see it sparkling on the water, I'm still cold.'

And indeed she was now shivering, although an electric heater was only three feet or so away from her, and in any case the night actually was not cold. I had Leo switch the radiator from medium to full heat, but she still shivered.

The source of the experience

Glaskin, Gerald

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