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Russell, George William - Song and its Fountain - The waking dream



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George Russell [AE] – Song and its fountains

The waking dream may be likened to a living creature which invades us and obliterates all else in us until it has told its story.  As a boy I was often overpowered by waking dreams, and their intensity was such that in them I would forget myself and the earth I walked on and be in another nature of thousands of years behind time.

Some of these dreams were symbolic and I surmise of others that they were memories of ancient life, or of experience which after death had gone into the heaven world and had there been thrice refined until little remained but essence that had become part of an immortal memory; and out of that enduring memory they were breathed into the mind of the boy to give age or wisdom to his thought, or to bring the being who lived today to some unity of purpose with the ancestral selves.

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Russell, George William

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