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Cornillier with his medium Reine and some alleged past lives



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La Survivance humaine, pages 535-536, - Mr. Cornillier

As quoted by Gabriel Delanne - Materials for use in the Study of Reincarnation

Delanne:  Cornillier recounts one of the séances he had with his medium Reine, a young model who was completely ignorant of spiritualist theories.  Here again, there is no precise indication of these alleged past lives, and the descriptions made by Reine could at least be the result of past readings or conversations heard, or even the clairvoyant action of the subject. This requires the greatest caution in the assessment of this curious phenomenon.

Here they are, she says, now in contemplation in front of the lake and talking... and it is such a prodigious reality that it seems to us to be in third place in their talk. The lucidity of the medium is becoming clearer and clearer. The view of this blue lake brings back memories of her past lives in Italy and the East. She recounts some of these incidents to her two companions, makes descriptions and comparisons. She tells about her life in Naples and Capri.

She talks about Sicily, describes aspects of Vesuvius with extreme precision. In Capri, she knew a house that Vetellini would later live in [Vetellini est le guide du médium Reine et du groupe de M. Cornillier]; she gives her exact location; she makes observations on the scenes of nature; she saw the bubbling sea when the lava of Vesuvius was engulfed in it; the absolute lack of birds in this beautiful sky, etc. Then she appreciates the East, wonders why Old Friend has never had the curiosity to go there since he is a spirit.

It would be so easy for you! Why don't you go there? Ah! You like banks and the stock market better; well, once we'll go together. I'll take you there. Oh! I know Egypt well.... And she goes back to the time when she was a healer. In Egypt, doctor of soul and body. In that life, she was with Vetellini; they were friends, he already more experienced, above her (rather him) and protecting her. She notes that in the East, due to atmospheric conditions, the life of the astral is perceptible. The slightly evolved incarnates feel, so to speak, constantly the grazing of the disembodied.

All this talk is amazing; despite our addiction, we are amazed. But several times already Reine has noticed that she will never be able to bring Mr. Cornillier up to speed on all this. Vetellini reassures her, tells her that he makes her speak out loud. She believes only half of it; it seems impossible to her that she could have said aloud in Paris what she saw and felt here in America. We have to come back, so she can check if it's true.

The guide Vetellini had already said in another séance that Reine had lived in Egypt. When a stone from a necklace in this country was placed in her hand, she said, "This. Comes from Egypt. Is that psychometry?"

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Delanne, Gabriel

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