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Jane Dunlap - The story of Helen and her death wish



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The moral of this story is never take LSD when you are alone

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Exploring Inner Space – Jane Dunlap

During this period, Helen walked slowly across the garden and sat on a bench near the pool.  To me she appeared to be a small, hurt child of perhaps two.

Frank was called away for a moment and asked me to watch her.  It seemed as though he had given me an unbearable responsibility, and I feared she might jump into the pool.  Despite the fact that she is an excellent swimmer, I was then convinced she was unable to swim and might drown.

Frank's quick return brought me unbelievable relief.

Later Helen told us that at the time she had actually been reliving an unhappy part of her childhood, when she had not yet learned to swim; and that she had had a compulsive urge to jump into the water 'to become part of it and blend with it'. 

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Adelle Davis, Daisie

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