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Christos - Worlds within - Blind girl sees



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The observer is not Glaskin himself but another subject, but in order for you to be able to see the background to the experience, the source link goes to Glaskin

This is a wonderful description of perception recall by a blind person. Kathryn McNaughton became blind between the ages of eight and nine. She was not completely blind as he had some peripheral sight, could discern light from dark and could detect a certain but very restricted amount of detail and colour.

What was interesting about her recall was that the details and colours of the surroundings she saw were more distinct than when she recalled them from memory – in effect she was accessing her perceptions and not her memory. But with a bit more as you shall see.

A description of the experience

Worlds within – probing the Christos experience – G M Glaskin

‘There’s one house’. What kind of house? 'A weatherboard one.' Any colour? 'Green roof. light yellow. A driveway and trees going up to it.'

Could she see what she was describing? 'Partly, not the whole lot of it.'

Turning to the right, 'I can see the road going up, and it's like an X-junction in front of the house. And you look to the right of that house and there are some trees on the other side of the road, and you look past those and you can see our school.' The road was still asphalt - and the school? 'Oh, it's a wooden one, with a green roof.' Any trees around it? 'Yes, especially one particularly big one. Dark green trees, very big leafy ones.' (Probably Moreton Bay Fig trees.)

And as she turned further towards the rear of the house? Her words came so fast, then, that it was difficult to transcribe them from the tape. 'There's the paddock where we had all our swings and that. And a big orange - orangey-green, that's losing its paint - wagon-wheel. There's the long swing, and the short swing. And there's one big tree which has been made into the posts. And if you go around further, there's the outhouse and a sandpit which has got a big tree in front of it. And then the garage behind the house. And if I keep going around further, there's the chook-yard [fowl-run].' Did she see 'chooks' [fowls] in it? 'Yes, white ones.' Had she seen any people or animals as she had looked around? 'Only when I had seen my brother and sister on the swings, that's all.'Were the swings moving? 'No, they were stationary at the time. But I could see the chooks moving around in the yard.' She could? 'Yes.' Turning further to the front of the house again, 'There are more trees, and the garden, and then the bitumen road again. That's all.'

While she had been looking at all this, and obviously remembering it all, was it night or day? 'Oh, day-time.' What kind of day? 'Very bright and sunny.' Any clouds at all in the sky? 'Oh, a few, not many. Small ones.' Next came what I thought might be difficult for someone blind, but I was quite mistaken. When I asked her could she go straight up into the air, she hesitated for a while; but then suddenly there were the rapid eye movements (REMs) on her eyelids which had been much less discernible before, and almost immediately the words came rushing back, 'I can see a whole lot more houses, and the green paddocks all around them…..

The source of the experience

Glaskin, Gerald

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