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Woolger, Dr Roger - Other lives, Past Selves – Tormented by impotence



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Other lives, past selves [A Jungian Psychotherapist discovers Past Lives] – Dr Roger Woolger

Another of the more striking of the cases I have treated where a part of the body carried a deeply buried past life complex was that of a man who was tormented by impotence. The man, whom I shall call Gregory, had tried other therapies to little effect. When he was interviewed, it seemed that the predominant feeling connected withhis genitals was one of shame. Physically, his genitals were extremely sensitive.

No sooner had Gregory been invited to fully feel the shame connected with his genitals than he found himself in a chateau at the time of the French Revolution, He is dressed as a jester, but with his genitals exposed. Before him are an angry mob who have just burst through the doors of the chateau.

They rush at him, beat him savagely, and castrate him. He puts up no resistance and dies with the thought: "I deserved all that."

When taken back to an earlier time in that life, the origins of his death and his sexual shame become fully evident. As a servant early singled out to be the jester by his masters in the chateau, he finds himself being forced into the drunken debauches of these degenerate and bored nobles who retained him. One of their practices that deeply revolts him was having to stand by and make jokes about their sexual and sadistic abuse of young peasant girls who have been kidnapped and brought to the castle for the perverted pleasures of the men.

Often after they have been appallingly used, they are murdered and secretly disposed of. Powerless to protest and deeply identified with the victimized women who were of his own class, the jester eventually achieves some kind of expiation for his powerless complicity by offering up his own genitals to the revolutionary horde of peasants who storm the chateau. He feels that he has betrayed his class, that he has betrayed these women, and that he has betrayed his own natural sexuality.

These were the thoughts and feelings that were unconsciously triggered every time he wished to make love to his wife. Telling this terrible story greatly helped Gregory regain much of his natural self-respect and improve his conjugal relations with his wife.

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