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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections – Mr S. H. Kelley, of Southport has an OBE



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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections

Case No. 343 – Mr S. H. Kelley, of Southport, sent this (in litt.,Oct. 4, 1960):

As a young soldier, forty years ago, I was drafted to the Sudan. One morning, the boys and myself went swimming in the river. Having gone half-way across, I decided to come back, the whole distance being too great for me. I started to swim back, got cramp and could not move arms or legs. I told my friend to get help. He swam back to the shore, but in the meantime down I went in twenty seven feet of water.

As I lost consciousness, certain things in my life came in front of me. This was followed by a queer sound of music and the next thing I was suspended in mid-air and looking at them bringing my body, out of the water and trying artificial respiration. I was very happy and free and wondered why they were doing that when I was here !

At that moment I was transported to my mother's room. I stood beside her as she was by the fire in an easy chair, trying to tell her I was all right and happy.

Afterwards, I was back, looking at my body, when a brilliant light shone around me and a voice said, 'It is not your time yet-you must go back. You have work to do !'

Immediately I began to come down to my body and the lads around it.

Then everything was dark and my eyes opened. They all said, 'He's alive!' I got up and went back to the hut, with everyone amazed.

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