Invisible input - healing


Healing input is invisible but takes the form of both cool healing energy – spiritual input - template information to help repairs take place, and occasionally the sort of updates and amendments we analogously see with Microsoft when they send an amendment – a fix – to fix a bug in the software.

Just like a little working computer our output is monitored – the perceptions – and if a bug is detected or a problem reported via these perceptions, fixes arrive, often overnight when we are asleep, although they can also be sent and implemented when we are awake and with a competent healer.  Food provides healing input.  This is why there is a specific activity Eating for health in the suppression section and the observations that follow include many food based healing experiences.

More details of aspects of healing can be found in the section on:

  • Healing - which has more detail on how the process works and the role of templates



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