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Whiteman, J H M relives being kissed on the eyes



Type of Spiritual Experience


This reliving of a past moment could have been from when he was a child, so we don't know whether this is a past life or part of his life, but the fact he felt his eyes to be wider apart might indicate it was a past life when his appearance was different


A description of the experience

The Mystical Life – J H M Whiteman

(September 1931) While I was apparently awake but in deep relaxed openness, lying on my back, a loving presence came near, bent over me, and kissed me on the eyes, first one and then the other. There was a strange impression that my eyes were thus straightened and cleared of strain.

Afterwards they even seemed a little wider apart. The feel of the kisses was real and substantial, not materialistically so, but properly expressive of the loving intention of another human being, able thus to comfort and to heal. My eyes remained shut and I saw nothing; but there was a general impression that the other being was an adult in relation to whom I was smaller, like a child, although in other respects I did not seem to have left the physical body.

The source of the experience

Whiteman, J H M

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