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Invisible input - inspiration

Invisible input - inspiration


Vladimir Kush

I want you to imagine that you are a small personal computer.  On the computer that is you, you have the data you have accumulated over the years [memorydatabase of facts] as well as a number of programs, some of which came with the computer [autonomic system, mind] and some of which you developed yourself [memory - learnt function].  You, as a little stand-alone computer, are not connected to any other computer.

You want to write a play or novel, but in the computer that is you, all you have is what is in your database and your learnt function.  However much you reason or search or navigate round all your files and folders, all you will ever get is what you have experienced and remembered – nothing more.  You are stuck, lacking inspiration.

Then suddenly you find the Internet and by searching around you have a whole host of characters, data and information you can use for your play or novel.

The spiritual world is the equivalent analogously to the Internet.  The composer acts like Google on our behalf and searches around for us – other composers, the great databases of the Intelligences and the little databases of the Spirit beings and it helps us with new data and new insight.

This is inspiration.

Inspiration helps us be creative.  But we could look on inspiration as a form of wisdom geared towards creativity.

Vladimir Kush

Each time we get an image, or maybe some sort of musical idea, or theme or tit bit of unknown information we get inspiration.  The Internet is such a good analogy for this it is worth exploring more.  Think how you use the Internet – pictures, videos from Youtube, images from Google images, maps, information from Wikipedia.  All this is being derived from our fellow souls and so it can be in the spiritual world, but there may be some added input from 'higher' beings.

This does not detract in any way from our ability to create, use what we have been given imaginatively or explain it for others.  We are not just a conduit, we add a lot of value.  These achievements are still ours.  But ultimately we need to recognise that we are helped – a lot -and are often not aware of it.  Egotistically we might congratulate ourselves on having come up with this idea out of the blue, but what comes out must have gone in and if it has come out of the blue, it has come out of the blue.

For those of you a little miffed to think that they have been helped with their inventions, remember that it is still your composer that is doing the helping.  You are helping you!  But it has to be said that occasionally there are some people that appear to be helped with a lot of external input.

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